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The Rally Experience

Everyone can run a rally. We all know the places and surrounds where we live and there must be an interesting building, cathedral, perhaps a shipbuilding works that our members would be interested to see and many town organises  town walks in the holiday season.  Book a campsite, get leaflets from the tourist information office (1 of each per unit), arrange a meet and greet and book a restaurant for an final meal, job done – a simple social gathering.

You might feel able to do something more perhaps encompassing one of the following:


Perhaps you could visit our Rally Recycling Centre’ where you can choose to run a rally similar to one that has been run in the past thereby benefiting from other peoples research (campsites, transport, restaurants, visits, walks/activities, telephone nos, etc) click here to find out more.




Overseas travel


Winter Sun

Craft/Painting/ Photography


Day gatherings/ Lunch

Bird Watching