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Rally Recycling Centre

Winter is not a busy time for rallies, or at least not in the UK. But it is a good time to

While away the time dreaming of future rallies.

We are already offering:
ine tasting and  sampling

Walking at home and abroad
heels just waiting to be peddled
Wonders waiting to be discovered, so:

Where would you love to visit?
hat would you like to do on a rally?

Write to us and we will publish your thoughts at the Rally Recycling Centre.

Roy (Sandy) Sanderson

Programme Co-ordinator

We are always trying to improve the offer to both existing and new members so we are looking for your help with ideas. Hence I am asking those of you who have run rallies in the past to choose one or two that you most enjoyed putting on and which could inspire someone else to try. They would, of course, not replicate what you did but would at least have the inspiration to start. To this end please send me your choice and, if you can, say in about 100 words why you chose the event. I look forward to hearing from you. Write, ring or click here to email .

Should you be contemplating any long haul rally destination we now have books full of information that will answer many of your early questions. Books currently available are:

Western Australia

New Zealand

The Bear Trail in Canada

An Adventure in Alaska

If you can add to the library of our great rallies of the past please let us know.

A big thank you to those who have helped to keep the ball rolling

There was mention from some of the less active members that there “was nothing in the programme for them”. We should try to rectify that. So would those who feel this way please let me know what sort of a rally you would like, so we can see if anyone can put it on. Again click here to email


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Reminders of past times